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What makes By Design Learning Centre very different from other schools is our focus on learning. We aim to put the learner at the centre of what we do.

By Design Learning Centre

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Our VISION is an expression of what our community would like to see as the result of our staff and wider community efforts.

We are building… a transformational learning community that develops the varied and unique capacities of each child, equipping them for creative contributions both now and in the future.

Our MISSION is an expression of how our community will achieve the vision stated above.

By fostering… the intentional development of spiritual, social and emotional dispositions and skills that build community.

By providing… our students with an exceptionally solid foundation in the fundamental capacities of reading, writing and arithmetic.

By designing… programs that will provide our students with creative opportunities to apply their learnings in new and diverse ways, through projects and experiences that value both a depth of content knowledge and a focus on skill development.

By Design Learning Centre - Community, Capacity, Creativity

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Grade 7/8 Teacher, Principal

Rick Schenk - Principal



Grade 3/4 Teacher

Avery Bauman



Grade 5-8 Teacher

Marc Mailhot



French Teacher, Office

Gwen Kampen

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Our students are very bright!  Especially when they dress for Colour Day!!😉.

Come join us for our last Kindergarten Open House!  All the details, including the agenda and registration information, can be found in our profile or at the following link: www.bydesignlearning.ca/openhouse