A New Approach to Learning

What makes By Design Learning Centre very different from other schools is our focus on learning. We aim to put the learner at the centre of what we do.

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A Holistic Approach

A Unique Educational Alternative

It is our pleasure to introduce a unique educational alternative for families in the Dufferin Region.

By Design Learning Centre began its first year of operation on September 6, 2022.

We are a new JK-8 private school located at the exceptional Athlete Institute campus in Mono, Ontario. The school received its validation as an Ontario private school by the Ministry of Education on October 21, 2022.

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to learning that will nurture the diverse gifts and talents of all our students through a personalized, compassionate, and community-oriented education.

ByDesign - People Over Policies
ByDesign - Students Learn Best When Safe and Loved
By Design Learning Centre - Putting Relationships First

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Meet Some of Our Staff



Grade 7/8 Teacher, Principal

Rick Schenk - Principal



Grade 3/4, 5/6 Teacher

Avery Wilkinson - Grade 3/4 Teacher



Grade 5/6 Teacher

By Design Learning Centre



Grade 5/6 Teacher, Office

Gwen Kampen - Grade 5/6 Teacher

What the Community is Saying!

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Denise Wilson
Denise Wilson
March 9, 2023

A School Well-Named

I have been so impressed with By Design Learning Centre. Our son has special needs, and despite his unique abilities and challenges, he was welcomed into the school where his educational and social needs are being met in a caring and loving environment. By Design is such a fitting name for the school; they have exceeded my expectations.

Kimberley Milousis
Kimberley Milousis
March 7, 2023

Warm Welcome

There are some things you just need community for. Last week, we decided that school was one of them.
We've homeschooled our son for his entire life (he is 11). But, with his siblings so much older than him, he is, in many ways, an only child. That can make him a lonely child, despite our best efforts.
So, today, was his first day at By Design Learning Centre.
I don't think I would have even considered "school" for him if BDLC wasn't available. But their focus on offering excellence in education while creating space for individual abilities and interests is a perfect fit for him. He's already ordering parts for his first "passion project" at school.
It's not easy letting go, especially since I am still very willing and able to homeschool him. But the incredible crew at BDLC made the process so easy for us. Everyone, even other parents and kids, welcomed Jonathan today with open hearts and genuine kindness. And the big smile you see on his face was still there when he got home.
I'm grateful for having access to such an incredible community.

Amy Tubia
Amy Tubia
February 25, 2023

Our children absolutely love attending BDLC! They come home with wonderful stories about their days, have made great friendships with their classmates, love their teachers and always feel supported and cared for. My husband and I also love dropping our kids off knowing that we are leaving them in capable hands, and leaving them with like minded people. We are so thankful for a Christian School that is Bible believing and promotes people over policies. Our kids are blossoming academically and socially. Thank you, BDLC!

Savita G.
Savita G.
December 22, 2022

A Unique and Much-Needed Institute.

By Design Learning Centre (BDLC) gives our kids the individual attention and support that children need in their formative years. It's true that it takes a village to raise a child; the staff partners with us to ensure holistic growth. Each of our children receive the help they need on areas of opportunities and is encouraged to excel in areas where they are strong. We like that kids are given the opportunity to learn beyond basic academics (example- project based learning, exposure to coding, farming etc.) We strongly appreciate and support BDLC's values which assures us that our children are safe. Finally, at BDLC, Christ is the centre of all things, which is invaluable in the upbringing of our children, in the times that we live in. By Design Learning Centre has been and continues to be a blessing to our family.

Current Parent
Current Parent
August 2, 2022

We love the environment

We love the environment and the learning experiences our children are receiving.

Current Parent
Current Parent
August 1, 2022

We are so blessed!

We are so blessed to be a part of this community and appreciate everyone who is a part of making this run on a daily basis.

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How to bring learning to life: first read the novel, then travel to Niagara-on-the Lake to watch a live performance. Prince Caspian at Shaw and ice cream from COWS - now that is education at its finest!!πŸ„


Our school trip to Green Acres Day Camp was a great success. We learned so much about making maple syrup but tasting the samples was the highlight of our trip!🍁 instagram.com/p/CqeC9gxLRX4/…