High School



High School

By Design Learning Centre has a companionship with an experienced teacher who is running a high school pod in our location. These high school students are registered as homeschooled in their local school districts and come to the pod for support, friendship, tutoring and extracurricular activities.

Pod Leader

The pod leader has six years of experience working with a pod of high school students of all levels and abilities.  She is an online high school teacher and skilled tutor.  

The pod leader provides personalized academic support and coaches teens to ensure successful completion of their selected courses.  She partners with parents to support students with regular communication in whatever method the parent prefers. The pod leader encourages friendships in the pod and provides fun activities to help the teens connect with each other.


All of the students in the high school pod are taking courses with approved Ontario online credit providers and are working towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Some of the online schools that they work with include TVO’s Independent Learning Center, Nimbus Christian Education, and Virtual High School. The pod leader can help parents and teens to choose the curriculum best suited to their abilities and goals.

Extracurricular Opportunities

The high school students have opportunities for physical activity both outdoors and in the large gym at the Athletic Institute. Students can also sign up for private music lessons on site with an experienced music teacher (extra fees apply). As our pod grows, we foresee many other opportunities for clubs and teams.

Volunteer Hours

The pod leader can assist students to find appropriate opportunities to get the 40 volunteer hours that are mandatory for graduation from high school.  There will also be opportunities for high school students to volunteer at By Design Learning Centre to achieve their volunteer hours.

Work At Your Own Pace

Students in the high school pod can decide how many courses to take and the speed at which they want to finish the courses. All learners will finish their courses at a pace which is suited to their goals and abilities.  

Pod students can come full or part-time, depending on their schedule and the availability in the classroom.


Cost for the high school pod will depend on the number and type of courses chosen, as well as the number of full or half days the student attends.

Who Do I Contact?

Contact Marc Mailhot for more information at marc@bydesignlearning.ca.

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