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Unique & Independent – Just Like Your Child

Unique & Independent - Just Like Your Child

Like all independent school leaders, I am very grateful for any opportunity to talk about the benefits of an independent school education and specifically, the reasons why local parents should explore the possibility of partnering with By Design Learning Centre.

Let me take this opportunity to share some answers to common questions about independent schools.

What Are Independent Schools?

Independent schools are self-funded organizations operating under their own board of trustees, outside of the province’s district boards of education.  In Ontario, parents can choose from many types of independent schools, from religious (i.e. Christian, Jewish, or Muslim), specialized (i.e. Montessori, sports, or outdoor), or in some cases, private.

Who Is Choosing Independent Schools?

You may be surprised to hear that families of all socioeconomic and professional backgrounds are choosing independent schools.  These parents share a few common characteristics:

  • 75% grew up in public school system.
  • Many are entrepreneurs, small business owners, and public-sector workers like nurses or teachers.
  • They’re more likely to be involved in their communities through local clubs, groups or organizations.

Why are more parents choosing independent schools?

  • Safer learning spaces
  • A supportive & nurturing environment
  • An emphasis on character development
  • Trustworthy curriculum suited to their children’s needs
  • Outstanding teachers that go above & beyond

What makes independent schools different?

  • Funded by parents, not the government
  • Parents are more involved in school activities & events
  • Diverse teaching methods
  • Alignment with parents’ perspectives
  • Room for faith & religious preferences
  • Autonomy over rules & regulations

How Much Does an Independent School Cost?

Independent schools range in cost.  Unlike other provinces, Ontario doesn’t provide any funding to independent schools, which can pose challenges for parents.  While many parents make financial sacrifices for their children to attend, they view the education their children receive as a worthwhile investment.  In addition, many schools offer financial aid opportunities.

We need your help to spread the news

Please share these questions and answers with your family and friends. Encourage them to explore an independent school in their area and see if it is the right choice for their child(ren).  The approach they take for their child(ren)’s education is one of the most important decisions that they will ever make. 

Maybe By Design Learning Centre is the Right Choice for a family you know!


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